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Anna Victoria is a spa for Waxing, Facial, Natural Peeling in Yokosuka JAPAN

Welcome to Anna Victoria Spa's 

We are located on middle of the Honch (Dobuita st) in Yokosuka. We offer wide variety of treatment such as our famous European method waxing, Facials, Body massage/art and skin rejuvenation Herbal peel treatment, with a comprehensive menu of services and treatments allowing you to customize your wants and address your needs at every visit.


Looking for a waxing spa that is professional in Yokosuka?


Your safety is our main concern

over 90% of waxing spas in Japan do not concern about communicable disease and cross contamination such as STD, STI…. 70% of them still use soft wax even to sensitive area……


But you can rely on us because…

  • We use the safest high quality European hard wax for sensitive area

  • We use American soft wax with vitamins and olive oils for body

  • Adopt the latest techniques for safe and painless waxing

  • Our facilities are clean

  • We use disposable tools (gloves, spatulas, cottons, bed covers)

  • We sterilize (disinfect) in disposable tools with hospital grade disinfectants after every use

  • We NERVER double dip

  • Our hygiene standards are based on the international health guidelines including the USA and always updating


We have established an association named “Safe Waxing Professionals JAPAN” since 2012 and has been president of the association.


Bikini waxing yokohama yokosuka, Salon Anna Victoria

Smooth! Painless! Quick! waxing with European Hard wax!

What is Waxing?
Waxing hair removal treatment will excute unsightly excessive body hair from roots. Also waxing can remove the both of dead skin and dullness on your skin and make your skin smooth. It’s also good for hygiene since it prevents from getting sweaty on your concerned parts. Waxing is not a permanent but it will last at least 3 to 6weeks, and more you do it, the cycle of your hair grows will get slower. If it is your first time getting wax, it most likely will last about 3-4 weeks.
Removing dead skin cells are also amazing. Waxing will makes your skin very cleary especially the dark bumps from shaving. Many customers become happy to have their clear skin again. Waxing will get your skin silky and beautiful!


herbal peeling yokohama yokosuka

Be natural beauty with 100% non-chemical, all natural herbs!!

What is Herbal peel?

Our herbal peel is totally different and safer than the traditional chemical peel!! We only use 100% natural herbs and plants. We give you massage and makes your skin look younger and smooth. Cause the upper layers of the skin to peel off. Herbal peel removes dead cells and brings new clear skin. This is call “ Turn Over”
After 4-5 days the old skin peels off. The complexion appears visible improved, Clearer and younger!

It works for…
Acne, Acne scar, Spots, Wrinkles, Scars, Atopy, Lifting, Sun damaged skin, Wideopen pore, Freckles, Pigmentation

<There are 3 programs for Herbal peel>
Sensitive - This is for beginner or person who has little delicate skin. Do not wash your face within 24 hours after treatment.

Level #1 - Exfoliation time is short and it will not effect with your job, or your personal relations. Do not wash your face within 24 hours after treatment.

Level #7 – Exfoliation time is about 7 days. This is the hardest treatment, but you can expect biggest result ! Do not wash your face and use the special skin care products until you finish 5th day’s aftercare.

Sensitive First timer ¥10,000

After 2nd time ¥15,000


Level #1   First timer ¥10,000

After 2nd time ¥15,000

Level #7   First timer ¥15,000

After 2nd time ¥28,000

*Basic Homecare products are 19,300yen in first time.

Herbal Peel Treatment Photo Gallery 

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Yokohama, Yokosuka, Waxing Hair Removal, Herbal Peel, Salon Anna Victoria


Anna Tsislitskaya

President of  Anna Victoria Japan LLC

  • born between Polish and Russian 1982

  • International Cosmetology School "Viki" Russia.

  • The First and only a professional of European waxing method at Japan.(2008)

  • act as adviser for the Safe Waxing Professionals JAPAN.(2012)

  • The first foreigner Official trainer of Herbal Peel treatment in Japan.(2013) 

  • ONLY the Starpil Wax official trainer In Japan.(2015)

  • Champion of the World Waxing Contest 2020!!


what we do at outside the Salon??
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facial yokohama yokosuka

Facial & Body Massage


Time has come to get back to young and beautiful skin !!
We help you to change the opportunity when you think about it. 
European Touch Facial, Deep Pore Cleansing, Soft Peeling, European Hot Candle Oil Massage, and MORE



-Body Art-
show off your body with our special Body art!!
Henna Tattoo

(Henna tattoo will last about 2 weeks )   go for ¥2,000~
Diamond Tattoo

( Diamond tattoo will last 1 to 2 weeks)  ¥2,620~

◆ Our policy for SAFE WAXING ◆
- We are using the European Hard wax for Brazilian.
- We don’t double-dip!
- We use everything disposable and what can’t be disposable 100% sanitized.
- We clean up your skin before and after treatment with disinfection such as medical institution.
- We have a disinfection of the tools to be used before and after treatment with disinfectant.

Please let us know if you are allergic to these disinfectants or having thyroid problems, unfortunately we don’t give waxing procedure.


★Unfortunately waxing hair removal treatment isn’t suitable for some people and some parts you can’t get waxing under the following conditions.

●Diabetes, Heart disease, Epilepsia and capillaropathy and varicose vein, Venereal disease or infected patients.
●Dermatological disease, Allergic tendency.
●Extremely dry skin, Torn skin
●The parts you have inflammation or abnormalities such as a scar, Eczema, Pimple and rush.
●The parts you have a convex mole, wart and sore.
●When you have hormone imbalance ( right before and after period, pregnancy and menopause).
●Right before and after sunburn the skin.
●The parts you had a surgery within 6 months.
●You have been on acid, or Retin A for the last six months or on a strong dosage of antibiotic medication.
●The parts you just shaved or cut your hair by yourself and the length of the hair is less than about 5 mm.
★Please bring clean or new underwear for people get Brazilian wax.
★Please bring clean or new shirt for people get Back wax. Or We are asked to take a shower right before you visit us the day your appointment.


◆ Cancellation Policy ◆
-No penalty for a cancellation up to before 3 days.100% penalty on the menu price for a cancellation within 24 hours.since then, if you will not pay the penalty you will be required to pay a 50% deposit at time of booking, and we will not accept any bookings from "No Show" appointments.

Late ArrivalsArriving late will unfortunately limit the time allocated for your treatment; it will lessen the effectiveness and importantly your pleasure and enjoyment. As a courtesy to all our clients, all treatments are completed as scheduled. 

横浜、横須賀でブラジリアンワックス脱毛サロンAnna Victoria
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